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Rcon Unlimited is a great utility for remote control in any idTech3 game
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Rcon Unlimited is a remote control utility for use in Id Tech 3 based games. Id Tech 3 is Id Software's game engine originally designed for Quake 3. Since that time a lot of other games have been created, such as Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor and even Call of Duty games.
Rcon Unlimited allows you to have remote control on a server which runs any of these games.
With this nice utility you can send commands to the server via console commands. In this way you can control a game server in a computer where this game is not even installed. You simply put the IP address, and rcon authentication accounts. Once connected successfully you will be able to see the players connected to the server, as well as the console feed from in-game actions.
Perhaps, the downside of the application is that everything has to be typed in the console. The graphic interface also leaves much to be desired. It does have command lists in case you don't remember them correctly, although searching for a specific command might be a hassle.
In any case, it is still a very stable and handy remote control utility.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Supports many IdTech 3 Games


  • Most commands are typed manually
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